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Sunday, March 11, 2012

3D Printing

3/9/12 Friday night in the lab. First night of serious work... if printing ninja stars can be considered serious! What better to print anyways? 

Printed some replacement legs for a Dell keyboard. Just found out today that the mm thickness of the extrusion can be adjusted further. This was set to 3mm and for smaller sized projects, the results are messy.

Favorite piece so far. This was a "low resolution vase" downloaded off
The print job was near perfect, and the geometry is beautiful. 

3/9/12 Friday night's work summed up. Two shurikens, 2 keyboard legs, vase.

3/11/12 Saturday night, back in the lab. Found interesting "stretchy" bracelet designs on 

After multiple prints I successfully printed one that fit. 

If anything I'm astonished by the resulting strength and detail. Printed at the thinnest setting, the plastic did end up relatively flexible. The MakerBot did a terrific job of stacking each layer with great precision. Still feel tense getting them on and off. 

The nautilus earrings are the most detailed and fine objects I've tested so far. These proved to a bit of a challenge for the MakerBot. The finer the detail, the more "webby" and messy it seems to be. Overall I was satisfied, took a bit of cleanup nonetheless and still needs more. 

Summary of tonight's work. Five bracelets printed in both silver and black. Two nautilus earrings. 

 Collection of 3D printed objects as of 3/11/12 

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