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DeWalt DW272 Grip Handle Redesign 12/11/2013

DeWalt DW272 Product Design Analysis 9/27/2013

Subsystem Analysis for ENME371 Product Development at University of Maryland College Park

Walker Redesign

The design of the walker hasn't changed in all these years. It still has an ugly, industrial metal look and feel. Embracing current day aesthetics, the walker is composed of sharp bold lines and an aerodynamic structure, similar to that of a sports car. The design promotes strength, agility and speed, making it more appealing to the users who are bound to this assistive technology. There is a sense of pride and youth established in owning this walker. 

HTC Ninja

One of my first projects in Adobe Photoshop. Created in 2010. Looks like Droid's Razr Maxx sure did pick up on that carbon fiber texture. As for 3D phones and video capturing, it seems that it never caught on. 


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