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Pen exploration. Positive and negative space, my favorite.


First sketches on my Nexus 7. Just downloaded Autodesk Sketchbook mobile edition. It's very similar to the desktop version, if not exactly the same. Better yet, it isn't missing any noticeable features. The user interface is seamless. My only concern so far is with the undo button. As my most often used command, and it's regularly unresponsive. One feature I really wish the app had is a quick selection tool. When it comes time to fill in a specific segment your best option is to create a new layer, sketch in your texture/color, then tediously erase the overlap. It's a messy and painful process, especially on a tablet.  

This was my first quick sketch immediately after downloading the app. Writing directly on the screen certainly beats the Wacom Bamboo. Digital drawing simply feels more natural if the visual result of your work is right under your fingertips. The distance and unnatural feel of a Wacom tablet can't compare. The Nexus is definitely not the best option for tablet sketching/artwork but it gets the job done for a price point of just $200. 

This travel mug was quickly sketched half in class, half waiting for my next class. I cheated a bit using the line and ellipse tools. To my credit, all the sketches were done with my fingertips, no stylus yet. Basically "finger painted". Also to point out, the sloppily erased overlap is visible at the top lip of the mug. Terribly inaccurate shadow I might also point out. 

Overall, sketching on my tablet has been a rewarding experience. It's only day two and now that I've developed a better feel for sketching on a screen, many more sketches should follow. For about $2 the app was entirely worth it. It gave my tablet an entirely new function and definition of productivity. While waiting for a class or taking a study break, it's now effortless to give my sketching skills some practice. There's no need to lug around art supplies of any sort. Those few extra minutes of sketching daily instead of playing Temple Run will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

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