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I'm a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Maryland College Park. Mechanical engineering isn't my ultimate goal but it's a stepping stone along the way, a crucial tool in my industrial design toolbox. I'm not a fan of mind grinding calculations but form and function go hand in hand. Post undergrad I hope to broaden my experiences with industrial and product design, whether it be through an academic institution, or direct implementation in the field. All my design work has been self taught so I apologize if it's not on par (with you serious designers out there). In the meantime I'll post my progress, side projects, design work and experiences here for inspiration, to you and me both. 

I am currently seeking any industrial/product design and development experiences available. Labeled as an engineer, it's been challenging to find any design opportunities so I hope this blog can bridge that gap! 

Be inspired, let your creativity flow, make something today that will better the world tomorrow.

Syed Rahman

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